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In the garden

SUMMER IN OUR GARDEN  We get a lot of questions about low maintenance gardening with interest and plants for pollinators. Below you will find some come and come again annual seeds we sow in October. Most of these plants we have sown only once and they come back year after year with not having to do anything.  Now, how easy can that bee? Ami Majus Cerinthe Mayor Cosmos Crimson red clover Foxgloves Phacelia  Honesty Lunaria Poppies  Alliums ( Bulb ) Crocus                                 A P R I L 2018 S U M M E R For those that follow Grow Mayow on  Instagram ,  you will have already seen some of these photos.   Still, I have added some new ones too.  We had this little fellow on the Cardoon all summer long, loving it. Don't blame it, really! What a dream!!    The Cardoons also called artichoke thistle have now gone  from the br