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Our bees

    At Grow Mayow Community Garden we have been keeping honeybees for years.  Every volunteer can have a hands on experience into beekeeping.  I taught many people beekeeping and some went on to have their own hives and some like Paul made a life changing decision to change his career into becoming a professional beekeeper.  Here he is back at the garden and now teaching Caroline, one of our volunteers  ( and me holding the camera )  Thank you for watching For  part 2 click here         I n the back of our garden we are keeping bees for over 10 years  and they are thriving well. KIDS AND BEES The mission of the Kids and Bees program is to educate the next generation of citizens on the importance of bees and inspire them to take part in the bees' preservation.   WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Our bees provide one out of every three bites of food that we eat.   No bees, no food, no us    It's also a commonly known fact that our bees are in troubl