'When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.'

Grow Mayow Community Garden, once an old park keepers depot, is now a not for profit community garden.
Its run and maintained by volunteers responsible for the upkeep of the garden.
We run weekly activities for which we charge a small fee.
See the 'whats on' tab.
It's a perfect place to both learn and relax, and its a great place for kids families and wildlife watchers from further afield. 
A community garden is an important part of urban living.
There are plenty of families who are not so fortunate to have a garden and those rely on the park and a community garden for their well being. Next to us is Brown & Green cafe for great coffees and food.

Grow Mayow community garden consists of 2 sites
The front garden access is through the park,
this site of the community garden is open 7 days a week  during park opening hours.
The back garden is open Mondays to Thursdays and at weekend events.
Look on the what's on page here.

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