A P R I L 2018

S U M M E R 2017

It’s been a perfect couple of weeks for the garden, starting with lots of sun followed with lots of rain. How lucky we where at the Sydenham Arts Trail 2017 with glorious weather, lots of visitors and some unbearable hot days that we couldn't even enter the polly tunnels without passing out. But things have been growing healthy and lush.

Workshops  with Ky Lewis during the Sydenham arts trail

For those that follow Grow Mayow on Instagram
you will have already seen some of these photos.  
Still, I have added some new ones too. 

We had this little fellow on the Cardoon all summer long, loving it.
Don't blame it, really! What a dream!! 

  The Cardoons also called artichoke thistle have now gone
 from the bright admired purple heads, into faded light brown, still gorgeous and full of seeds, great as winter food for birds.

Quick peek inside 

Bees just love the Echinops 

 Talking about bees, 
They had a fantastic summer, working hard bringing great harvest of pollen and nectar to our hives.

The honey harvest starts end of August 
You can order your honey by emailing us @ 
£6 a jar


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