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The mission of Grow Mayow Community Garden

To create a community hub that is a source of education and enthusiasm for growing and nature.
Our aim is to encourage inner city gardening with a view to reducing the carbon output involved in food growing and enjoying the garden, nature or just to enjoy this urban green space.

We host weekly sessions from Tuesday to Friday at the garden, for both adults and children

We also host several events each year to expose the wider community
Our ethos is sustainability – reduce, reuse recycle – and art  – we want garden users to reflect the diversity of the neighbourhood.

At Grow Mayow you will see many examples of organic growing in practice. This includes companion planting – putting beneficial plants side-by-side, rainwater harvesting system, and recycling of materials.

We hope you will have the chance to visit us in person, to wander around, to sit, relax and enjoy the garden.
and you can contact us if you like more information

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