Plant Peonies
Now we are planning the garden. 
Its been grey, cold and wet, but that gives us time for reflection and start planing the year ahead in the garden. 
Big, small or even on a balcony, you can already start growing and sowing: 
Sow sweet peas, peas, broad-beans, garlic onions, potatoes, and pot up Dahlia's tubers now.

You will need
Potting soil
Seed trays
Plant tags wooden (think of the environment so please don't use plastic)
and a good watering can.
Vermiculite, this brings air into the soil for better root growth.

Before you get started, it's important to gather the proper supplies. 

Moisten potting mix until it is thoroughly damp, but not dripping wet.
Fill seed trays to the top with soil, tapping firmly against the table as you go, so the soil settles and there are no air pockets trapped in the tray cells.
Label the tray with the variety name and date sown.
Make holes in each cell using your finger, a pencil or a dibbler. A general rule of thumb is to plant the seed twice as deep as it is big.
Drop 1-2 seeds into each hole until the tray is completely full.

Cover the tray with a light dusting of fine vermiculite or potting soil, making sure all seeds are covered. Water.

         For some inspiration and advice click here to go to one of my favourite sites.

Dahlias the perfect cut flower!
One of the jobs which was  has been on our bucket list was changing the colour of the barn,
and finally we've done it. Remember the green? Its funny how after it was painted some visitors didn't even notice or remembered what colour it was before. 

See you at the garden.