We get a lot of questions about low maintenance gardening with interest and plants for pollinators.
Below you will find some come and come again annual seeds we sow in October. Most of these plants we have sown only once and they come back year after year with not having to do anything. 
Now, how easy can that bee?
Ami Majus
Cerinthe Mayor
Crimson red clover
Honesty Lunaria
Alliums ( Bulb )





No more Roundup systemic herbicide in public places.

A few days ago we found a man dressed in protective gear spraying Roundup in Mayow Park. 

We are now running a petition urging Lewisham council to stop using any pesticides in public spaces. It is not acceptable that ourselves, our children and the animals we share our community with are being routinely exposed to these chemicals, whether we like it or not.
This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about each other’s health and the health of our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this city, of course including our beloved bees.
We started the petition to raise awareness of this issue and to allow local residents to send the message loud and clear that this spraying in our public spaces has to stop with immediate effect 
Thank you

Effects of glyphosate on the environment

Glyphosate has direct and indirect effects on the environment. Indirect impacts on birds and other animals occur due to the wiping out of weeds and wildflowers, destroying habitats and food supplies. Glyphosate is water soluble and has had significant effects on species that underpin the entire aquatic food chain with amphibians being particularly vulnerable.
It upsets the balance of microbial communities in soil, increasing the numbers of some microorganisms and decreasing others, impacting on soil fertility. It has caused an upsurge in some crop diseases in no-till agriculture by stimulating the growth of a number of fungal pathogens. It also binds micro-nutrients in the soil causing deficiencies in plants.
Glyphosate has also been found to have adverse effects on earthworms, beneficial insects and bees. Read more about the effects of pesticides on our environment here.




Artshoots starting 
Wednesday 27th February at 10.00am to 10.45am 
for 2.5 to 5 year olds.

Hello and welcome to Artshoots. 
Sessions are held by Joy Sands
Joy is an Art and Design Teacher, Garden Designer, Mother and lover of being part of a community. 

Each session will focus on a different material or technique for example mouldable materials such as clay and play dough or look at things that move. 
We will use the garden for inspiration and sometimes the things we find in it. 
Please be aware that these sessions will be messy and therefore wipe down all in ones or old clothes are a must!! This is a great opportunity to make and create with your little ones with someone there to cleanup the mess afterwards.

Sessions are priced at £8.00 and siblings £6.00. 

To book your space contact me at



Our Story
Grow Mayow Community garden Once a old park keepers depot, is now an award winning not for profit community garden. Its run and maintained by volunteers. We run weekly activities for which we charge a small fee to help us pay for the garden's up-keep.
See the what's on page here It's the perfect place to both learn and relax, and is a great place for kids . A favourite place to visit for local families, gardeners and wildlife watchers from further afield. There are plenty of families who are not so fortunate to have a garden and those rely on the park and a community garden for their well being,
A community garden is an important part of urban living, its not just about growing plants but for a community to come together and enjoy a green oasis and wildlife in the city. There is a demonstration wildlife garden with a range of inspiring mini habitats, lots of wild flowers , polly-tunnels , nature signs , ponds ,and some very well-used raised beds bee hives and plenty of seating. Next to us is the great Brown & Green cafe for great fair trade treats and drinks. We hope you will have the chance to visit us in person, to wander around, to sit, relax and enjoy the garden. you can contact us if you like more information @